@manton How does micro.blog handle removing/re-adding feeds? I want to merge my separate status blog into my main blog, and I’m wondering if it’ll delete everything / duplicate old stuff.

I got to feel very self-satisfied today when I uninstalled a Nest thermostat to move, and was able to look up the photo I took two years ago of the original thermostat’s wiring in anticipation of this day. 🤩

It’s still weird getting regular-ish emails at work in the vein of “here’s an update about our lawsuit against the NSA”.

My panoramic dental X-rays were once again marked by the entire office staff coming over to look. I have interesting wisdom teeth…

This is the face of a person reminiscing shamefully about their teenage crush on Wesley Crusher.

Surprising thing about getting a pressure cooker: discovering the ridiculous extent to which recommended cooking times vary.