I’m most of the way through migrating from @webfaction (because they’re shutting down) to @linode. In Webfaction’s defense for making me have to do this, I last gave them money in 2013 and have been coasting on that balance + affiliate credits since then, so… 😂

I’m in the process of putting an app I wrote onto the macOS App Store for distribution, and I discovered that writing a privacy policy was mandatory for this. It was kind of fun to write one which was just “I know and track literally nothing about you”. 🤩

@manton I just realized why the micro.blog client bugs me. It’s because it has weird scrolling behavior — I fling and tap-to-stop a lot, and unlike most iOS apps it registers that tap-to-stop as an actual tap… which in micro.blog also does focus-stealing popup stuff. Fixable?

You can tell my daughter is the plot-relevant one for me because she’s the one with a unique outfit. 🧐 (via Instagram http://bit.ly/2BGBaPw)