glances at watch Oh, I did forget to stop my walking workout… 3 hours ago… this is going to distort my stats a bit. 😭

Fiddling with exposure controls: worth it, even in the stock camera app.

Aw yeah, someone’s getting YouTube restrictions! (It’s my daughter. She’s getting YouTube restrictions.)

Hmm. Maybe I’ll cruelly update my daughter’s iPhone 6s to the iOS 12 public beta. 🤔

Ah, the new-Firefox-version dance: checking my blocker bugs, seeing no change, and staying with Chrome again. To be fair, I’m down to a small handful of Container issues now, so maybe by next year…

Moving just before Father’s Day turns out to be a good way to benefit from sales. All the smarthome stuff gets some highly-gendered marketing, it turns out…

Shockingly, I was the first one to fall down the stairs of my new house. 😭

Credit where it’s due, homebridge has saved me a lot of money on connecting various home automation things together, now I’ve bought a house. This may have persuaded me to buy more smarthome stuff than I otherwise would have, so it’s probably better for manufacturers overall. 😜

The park makes this location look far less middle-of-a-city than it really is.